Significant Updates on Ripple vs SEC Case, Bitcoin Price Decline, and More: Overview of Bits News on April 18


  • Bitcoin (BTC) reached a record high of around $73,800 and then experienced a sharp correction to nearly $60,000. The upcoming halving on April 19 could trigger a bull run.
  • Ripple is preparing for a trial against the US SEC on April 23, generating significant attention as updates are expected soon.
  • Despite a recent 22% market value drop, Shiba Inu (SHIB) shows signs of potential recovery due to increased burn rate and advancements in its layer-2 solution – Shibarium.

BTC’s Stubborn Correction

Bitcoin (BTC) saw a significant price increase to a new all-time high of approximately $73,800 but later corrected to nearly $60,000. The recent downturn may be followed by a bull run triggered by the halving on April 19.

According to reports, BTC’s value dropped to almost $60,000 on April 17, resulting in over $200 million in liquidations.

Potential reasons for BTC’s recent decline include hints of the US Fed raising interest rates and escalating tensions between Israel and Iran. However, optimistic signs suggest a future bull run, with the halving event as a key factor.

The halving event will reduce rewards for miners, making BTC scarcer and potentially more valuable over time, similar to previous halving events.

Historically, each halving has preceded a significant rise in the cryptocurrency market. To learn more about the event, watch our dedicated video below:

Ripple vs. SEC

The ongoing legal battle between Ripple and the SEC continues to be a major focus. A trial is set for April 23, with updates expected soon.

While speculations about a potential settlement were circulating, Ripple’s Chief Legal Officer confirmed that the trial will proceed as scheduled, with responses due by April 22.

Is SHIB Poised for a Rally?

Despite a recent 22% drop, Shiba Inu (SHIB) shows signs of recovery with increased burn rate, advancements in Shibarium, and negative SHIB exchange netflow.



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