Arthur Hayes Discusses the Future of Crypto at Token2049

When discussing the monetary policies implemented by the US government and other economic powerhouses like China and Japan, BitMEX’s co-founder, Arthur Hayes, emphasized Bitcoin as the only viable solution during times of expanding central banking balance sheets.

These remarks were made at the current Token2049 conference in Dubai.

Hayes started by stating that real yields will remain negative, a situation actively managed by the US Fed and Treasury to sustain. This is due to their ability to borrow funds at lower rates.

If this trend persists, as it has for the past few decades, Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies will continue to appreciate in value, according to the former BitMEX executive. However, he also cautioned about the opposite scenario but mentioned the slim likelihood of real yields turning positive anytime soon.

He expressed his belief that the GDP figures reported by the US and other governments are artificial and are shared with the public to keep them pacified.

The solution to this fiat monetary policy issue lies beyond it, he pointed out. Hayes highlighted gold as the traditional choice, noting its thousands of years of existence. While acknowledging that gold has served its purpose for a long time, he pointed out its numerous drawbacks that are avoided by owning an asset with all its benefits and none of the potential drawbacks – Bitcoin.

As indicated in his presentation, gold is cumbersome to transport, especially in large quantities, whereas BTC is digital. History has witnessed numerous instances where governments have confiscated gold holdings, a situation that cannot occur with Bitcoin, which exists in the digital realm.

Predicting the continuity of the US’ monetary policy, Hayes advised people to turn to Bitcoin and not be discouraged by recent gains. He encouraged them not to exit the market simply because their positions have increased by 200% over the past few months.

He anticipates that the price of BTC will continue to rise and will not plateau at $100K. Hayes has previously made optimistic predictions, including a $750,000 price projection for BTC in the next few years.


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