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Author: Michael Williams

#470 Retirement Plans: Pensions vs. Social Security

There are many different types of income that retired folks draw on depending on what life during their working lives was like. Two of the most widely-known streams today include pensions and Social Security, two programs funded and structured in totally different ways. While pensions are typical... see more

#463 Oil Prices Are Down, Airfares Aren't. What's Up?

American Airlines recently announced record net profits of $7.6 billion for 2015, a whisker below trebling the prior year. Others in the billionaires club: Delta, United and Southwest, which topped the billion dollar mark for the first time ever.A big reason is cheap oil, which means cheap... see more

#451 4 Signs Your Retirement Investment Plan Has Lost Focus

Stay the course is the mantra for many financial planners particularly when it comes to investing with an eye toward retirement. After all, the stock market can take investors on a wild ride and if you reacted to every blip you would end up with investment losses. And let's not mention the money ... see more

#443 Study Abroad: Budget For Mexico

The number of U.S. students choosing Mexico as their study abroad destination has declined steadily over the past few years. Many students (and non-students as well) have been scared away from travel to Mexico because of the U.S. Department of State's travel advisories citing the very real drug g... see more

#428 Alternatives To Balance Transfers

If you're trying to get rid of high-interest credit card debt, transferring your balance to a lower-interest credit card, or even a card with a promotional 0% APR, isn't your only option. Here are some alternatives that might be better for helping you pay off your credit cards quickly and spend l... see more

#352 Tax Breaks For Second-Home Owners

Many homeowners look forward to purchasing a second home that can be used for vacations, rental income, investment purposes or as a primary residence during retirement. Current tax laws offer several tax breaks that can help make second-home ownership more affordable. If you already own, or are t... see more

#319 This Is How You Could Live in the Philippines on $1,000 a Month

The Philippines is an English-speaking archipelago nation with much to offer retirees and others seeking a low-cost yet comfortable life in an exotic locale. With just a little care, a $1,000 monthly budget will go far in this country, providing everything you need to make a new home and enjoy yo... see more

#315 Can You Retire In Spain With $200,000 of Savings?

The answer is yes, you can retire in comfort with a modest nest egg – say, $200,000 – in Spain. Just follow the long line of British expats to the lively towns along the Costa del Sol, Spain's Mediterranean coastline.For many years, Americans have been looking to Mexico, and more recen... see more

#313 This Is How You Could Live in Mexico on $1,000 a Month

Mexico has long been a popular destination for retirees and other expatriates looking for low-cost living in a comfortable climate. Although prices in some expatriate centers have increased quite a bit over the decades, Mexico continues to deliver on its promise of an inexpensive life in the lap ... see more

#258 8 Reasons Not To Sell Your Home Without An Agent

For sale by owner (FSBO) is touted as a great way to save thousands of dollars when you sell your home. The standard real-estate agent's commission is 6% – that's $15,000 on a $250,000 home. Even after cutting that savings in half so you can pay the buyer's agent, acting as your own seller's ag... see more

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