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Author: Michael Jackson

#369 Best Mortgage Companies Friendly to Retirees

Conventional wisdom tells us that we should try to eliminate all debt – including mortgages – before retirement. The reason is simple: Once retirement hits, the paychecks stop coming in; if you have no debt, your retirement savings will last longer. In the past, it was the norm for people to ... see more

#351 Best Ways to Contact the Social Security Administration

Did you know that more than 2,700 rules govern your Social Security benefits? To help those who have to interpret the rules, there are thousands of explanations in the agency's Program Operations Manual System (POMS). Luckily, a significant number of those rules probably don't apply to you, but ... see more

#293 MBA vs. Executive MBA: Which Is Better?

Like many people, for Jennifer Knight, the deciding factor between picking a standard MBA vs. an executive MBA came down to how best to juggle classes with her day job, which was running her family-owned mill in Jesup, Ga. I chose the executive MBA because I was still working in and running the f... see more

#204 How Much Money Do You Need to Live in Las Vegas?

Living in Las Vegas is alluring, with its world-class nightlife, bountiful outdoor recreation and an average of 330 sunny days per year. The income you need to live in Las Vegas depends on factors that include the part of town you call home and whether you have dependents to support. Average cost... see more

#157 How To Find The Best Real Estate Agent

If you're in the market to buy or sell a house, chances are you'll want a real estate agent to guide you through the process. Most people don't have the time, expertise or motivation to go it alone, and finding a good real estate agent becomes essential to enjoying a smooth real estate transactio... see more

#143 Mortgages: Why It May Be Easier to Get One Now

Good news came out of Washington recently. Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, the government-chartered agencies that purchase mortgages from private lenders, agreed to rules that would potentially open mortgage markets to borrowers with less than perfect credit. (For more, see What You Need to Know Abou... see more

#99 Time Your Travel Abroad To The Exchange Rate

In January 2015, an already strong U.S. dollar hit an 11-year high against other major currencies. For U.S. travelers, this is good news: The recent changes in the relative values of the U.S. dollar, the euro and the British pound mean that your tourist dollar will go further. Travelers in late J... see more

#93 Could You Be Owed a Life Insurance Payout?

When consumers take out a life insurance policy, it's with the confidence that their loved ones are gaining an important financial safety net. (For more, see Why You Should Buy Life Insurance.) But according to regulators in several states, insurance carriers aren't always making good on their pr... see more

#80 Choosing The Best Life Insurance Company For You

You've crunched the numbers and weighed factors like your marital status and how much you owe on your mortgage and found you need a life insurance policy. But where should you begin looking for a policy? And what parameters should you consider when choosing which life insurance company to pick?... see more

#76 What Do Financial Advisors Do?

You may wonder what a financial advisor does with your money and how this professional decides on the best investments and course of action for you. This article breaks down, step-by-step, exactly what a financial advisor does. You'll understand what informs the advisory process and how the profe... see more

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