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Author: Matthew Williams

#484 When Is It Cheaper To Fly To Europe?

Tourists from all over the world visit Europe to enjoy its rich history, delicious cuisine, stunning scenery, historic monuments and some of the world's finest art collections. Data from the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) shows that Europe is the most visited region in the world, having hoste... see more

#465 How the Fed Affects Reverse Mortgages

The whole purpose of buying a house, aside from protection from the elements and keeping the meal worms out, is to build equity. Otherwise you might as well just rent until you die and let the landlord handle maintenance, right? But given that human life spans are finite, there comes a point at w... see more

#435 How To Combine Two Mortgages Into One?

Having two mortgages isn't as rare as you might think. People who amass enough equity in their homes may elect to take out a second mortgage. They might use the money to pay off a debt, send a child to college, finance starting a business, or make a large purchase.Let's look at one example... see more

#414 Supply Chain Management Jobs Are Booming and processing industries depend heavily on a carefully managed supply chains to ensure they have the inputs they need to create the right amount of product at the right time. While this may sound fairly straightforward, there is a lo... see more

#370 Review: My Best Buy Credit Card

Do you always have the newest gadget? Do you live in fear that somebody may see you with an outdated phone or the now outdated HDTV? If that's you, maybe you spend a lot of time at your neighborhood Best Buy.Along with MyBestBuy, the store's customer loyalty program, Best Buy has a rewards... see more

#350 Tax Issues For Same-Sex Spouses

The repeal of the Defense of Marriage Act in 2013 has paved the way for same-sex couples to file their tax returns using the Married Filing Jointly or Separately status. This statute also allows these couples to file amended returns for up to three years prior, going back to 2010. The tax rules f... see more

#340 Top Annuity Tax Deferral Strategies

Annuities continue to stand alone in the financial marketplace as the only type of investment vehicle that can grow tax deferred without having to be placed inside an individual retirement account (IRA) or qualified retirement plan. Although they are not appropriate for everyone, these unique veh... see more

#312 20 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Caregiver

Among the many stressful situations parents face, hiring a caregiver ranks high. According to the International Nanny Association, there are 1.2 million nannies in the United States (and that doesn't count those who work off the books). So the stress isn't finding one, but finding the right one. ... see more

#208 Comparing Reverse Mortgages vs. Forward Mortgages

If you've never heard of a forward mortgage, there's a reason for that. The term refers to traditional mortgages and is rarely used except in comparison with its polar opposite, the reverse mortgage. So, which way do you want to go? Whether you go forward or in reverse depends upon where you are ... see more

#193 5 Ways to Protect Pensions from Nursing Homes

It's a sad fact of modern life: Senior citizens are often targeted by thieves and financial tricksters, and those residing in nursing homes can be the most vulnerable of all. If your loved one is in a facility, or will soon be entering one, how can you make sure that his or her pension plan paym... see more

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