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Author: Matthew Jackson

#433 What to Do When Your Doctor Doesn't Take Medicare

You've been going to the same doctor for 30 years, and he or she knows you inside and out (literally). Intimately familiar with your medical history, your beloved physician also has a wonderful bedside manner, a beautiful office and a friendly, efficient staff. So what happens when you sign up fo... see more

#401 Best Ways To Use Your Cell Phone Overseas

Perhaps your vacation checklist includes a reminder to pack a phone charger – make that two in case one breaks or gets lost, plus an adapter for international electrical outlets. Since chargers and adapters are as important as the phone itself, they should be packed in carry-ons, not checked lu... see more

#358 The Importance of Healthcare Risk Management

Risk management in healthcare is potentially more important than in any other industry. In most industries, an organization develops and implements risk management strategies in order to prevent and mitigate financial losses. The same can be said for healthcare, but this is to go along with patie... see more

#269 Top Websites For Discounted Gift Cards

Could buying discounted gift cards help you save money and reduce your monthly budget? Possibly, if you teach yourself to spend them like cash and not like free money. Here's a look at four top sites to buy discounted gift cards. Inventory and discounts can vary significantly from one site to the... see more

#226 Preventing Medical Bankruptcy

It's the quintessential American nightmare. You may have health insurance, or you may not. But millions of Americans each year end up buried in medical bills, forcing some to declare bankruptcy. In fact, medical debt is the leading cause of bankruptcy in the U.S.A study conducted by NerdWa... see more

#224 West Coast Vacation Destinations on a Budget

World-famous vacation destinations such as San Francisco and San Diego tend to be rather expensive. Fortunately, there are cheaper options along the West Coast that offer plenty of great scenery and things to do.Morro Bay, CaliforniaLocated on the central coast between the Los Angeles and ... see more

#186 Traditional and Roth IRAs: Which is Better for Taxes?

Traditional IRAs and Roth IRAs often are mentioned in the same breath because of their similarities and the advantages they offer. But choosing one over the other without doing further research could end up being a costly decision. Both Traditional and Roth IRAs offer advantages, but those advant... see more

#179 Best Ways To Exchange Currency In Europe

If you're traveling abroad, local merchants probably don't want your dollars. After unpacking and settling into your hotel, exchange your American money for the country's local currency if you didn't do it before leaving. But do it the right way. Here are your options.1. Airports and Hotels... see more

#140 6 Ways to Give Back After Retirement

Many individuals work to establish a comfortable life after retirement. As the cost of living continues to rise, some retirees are forced to continue working after retirement, while others must cut down significantly on their expenses. Most retirees agree that part of maintaining a happy retireme... see more

#103 Millennials: Prevent a Bad Credit Score

Though no one plans to have a poor credit score, sometimes life throws you a curveball that results in exactly that – a credit history that's badly damaged. More often, however, low credit scores result from repeated mistakes. For Millennials who may be new to managing credit and financial acti... see more

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