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Author: Matthew Harris

#480 How Elon Musk Became Elon Musk

Visionary entrepreneur Elon Musk is the co-founder of PayPal, Tesla Motors (TSLA), and SolarCity (SCTY), and is the founder of SpaceX. His astounding success has given rise to comparisons to the likes of Steve Jobs, Howard Hughes, Henry Ford, and Bill Gates. Amid an often difficult childhood, Mus... see more

#476 Retirees! Mexico Is Not as Dangerous as You Think

Mexico has received negative press about its safety as a destination for foreigners and expatriates. Despite the media's coverage of border city violence, much in the same way that certain parts of the United States are safer than others, Mexico is host to several cities that can provide a safe l... see more

#413 Health Care: The Stealth Retirement Expense

What's the biggest risk to your retirement security?I'll give you a hint: It's something you may take for granted when it's good and that can be life-changing when it's less than good.It's your health, and more specifically, health-care costs. In fact, health care in retirement coul... see more

#391 401(k): Pressure's On to Leave It at Your Old Job

What happens to your 401(k) or other company-sponsored retirement plan once you say goodbye to your employer? What used to be an easy decision is beginning to get a little less clear-cut.In the past, once you gave notice, you received a nice letter from your firm, pretty much urging you to... see more

#387 5 Ways To Protect And Grow Your Retirement: Whether You’re 45 Or 75 Or Somewhere In Between

We just recently Money Weekly's first birthday, and this milestone also got me thinking… If I had a magic wand and could instantly pass along a bundle of critical information to my peers, what would that message include? Since I don't have a magic wand, I had to distill a bit of my practical wi... see more

#287 Does It Pay To Go To College?

Some financial questions feel like non-starters: Should I pay the rent or instead put the money on Molly's Foal to win the 3rd race at Belmont? Despite the obvious pitfalls, there will be people who go with the second choice. Other questions offer more nuance in their balance of rational calculat... see more

#270 The Pros and Cons of Using Airbnb

Airbnb is an online community marketplace that connects people looking to rent their homes with people who are looking for accommodations. Airbnb users include hosts and travelers: hosts list and rent out their unused spaces, and travelers search for and book accommodations in 192 countries world... see more

#264 Retirement Strategies for Low Income Seniors

The financial crisis, now called the Great Recession, is fading from the minds of Americans, but many households are still feeling its effects. People reaching retirement age thought they were set until the investment market crashed, wiping out much of their retirement fund. Many have recovered, ... see more

#216 Why You’re Not Helping Your Credit Score by Getting a Co-Signer

The dangers of co-signed loans are plentiful for those signing on as the well-established borrower with good credit. However, co-signed loans can get just as sticky for primary borrowers down the line.With so many risks involved with co-signing for both parties involved, b... see more

#178 What Type Of Person Needs A Financial Advisor?

Over the past few years much has been written about whether financial advisors really add value to their clients or whether investors are better off handling their own financial needs. I'm probably biased but I believe that finding the right financial advisor can be very beneficial for many inves... see more

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