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Author: Jacob Williams

#446 Five Job Interview Deal Breakers

A job interview is your opportunity to make a good impression. In fact, there are few times when making a strong impression matters more than when you're interacting with a hiring manager.Nevertheless, some candidates play Russian roulette during this critical interaction. Through ignoranc... see more

#444 Make Money Fast From The New 'Sharing Economy'

Do you like to share? Are you comfortable lending a neighbor your hedge clippers, a friend your pickup truck to move furniture or a coworker your spare room for his visiting cousin?If that's you, you're going to love the new sharing economy. Some people believe that it will do to consumer ... see more

#418 How To Refinance If Your Home Appraisal Is Too Low

Q: I've been trying to get my mortgage loan refinanced, but my home wasn't appraised high enough to be approved. If I already have a mortgage, why does my home value matter, and what can I do to get approved for a refinance?A: Quite a few homeowners are finding themselves ... see more

#354 5 Signs You're Getting Bad Financial Advice

You're vulnerable when trusting a financial advisor. First, dealing with money is sensitive in its own right. Second, financial markets are volatile and downturns happen, in spite of the best financial advisors. So how is the consumer able to figure out whether he or she is getting sound financia... see more

#327 Car Leases: Should You Take The Purchase Option?

For anyone who faces an expiring car lease, it's decision time: either buy the car from the finance company or return it and find a new set of wheels.Deciding what to do with your current vehicle is always a personal choice. Maybe you really like your current car and feel like keeping it. ... see more

#230 Your Retirement-Planning Team

Retirement planning is one of the few things in life for which you don't get a second chance. It takes decades to prepare for the day you leave the workforce, making every move you make and every dollar you save extra important. Almost anyone can benefit from some help from a financial advisor as... see more

#191 Budgeting Tips: Living in Malaysia on $1,000 a Month

Malaysia is a rapidly developing country that combines excellent infrastructure and high-quality health care options with a very low cost of living. In 2015, the expatriate magazine International Living named Malaysia the fourth-best retirement destination in the world. The magazine noted Malaysi... see more

#175 How Risky Are Long-Term Car Loans?

Main Street and Wall Street are two different worlds and the disparity between the two is greater than ever. Since the Great Recession, Wall Street has been reaching record highs, which has primarily been driven by prolonged record-low interest rates. Main Street, on the other hand, hasn't been p... see more

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