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Author: Ethan Taylor

#496 7 Steps To Search For Executive Recruiters

Years ago, conventional wisdom held that you should never seek out executive recruiters, aka headhunters. Instead, you should wait for them to contact you. Make the first move and you'd risk coming off as too eager if not totally desperate.There might have been some logic to that advice in... see more

#466 Non-Qualified Deferred Compensation Plan Vs. 401(k)

Using non-qualified deferred compensation (NQDC) plans and 401(k) plans, employees can choose to postpone some of the income they've earned and receive it in the future. Under both types of plans, deferral provides income for retirement years. Also, deferred compensation is not taxed when earned ... see more

#464 Gold IRA Rollover

Whether you're just starting to open IRAs or wondering if it's time to rethink your IRA investment strategy, a gold IRA is worth considering. Rolling over a portion of your IRA to gold can help you sidestep the volatile stock market.IRAs can invest in virtually any asset as an investment l... see more

#342 The Smith Maneuver: A Canadian Mortgage Tax-Deductible Plan

Canadian homeowners do not enjoy the same mortgage interest deduction that their neighbors to the south do. Fortunately, the Smith Maneuver is a powerful financial method that gradually restructures the largest non-deductible debt of your lifetime (your mortgage) into a deductible investment lo... see more

#314 Are You Protected If Your Insurance Company Goes Belly-Up?

Problem with a bad bank? The FDIC has your back! Had a brokerage account with Bernie Madoff? SIPC has you covered! Your life insurance company goes bankrupt. Uh oh … now what?!In spite of the federal takeover of AIG in September 2008, most people are surprised by the fact th... see more

#265 10 Ways for Healthcare Firms to Improve Cash Flow

Hospitals and healthcare organizations are always looking for ways to cut expenses. Unlike most businesses, though, these firms don't have as much opportunity to increase revenue. Cash flow improvement is a challenging situation, but there are definitely ways to improve cash flow in healthcare. (... see more

#205 Hillary Clinton Vs. Bernie Sanders: Comparing Healthcare Proposals

As the 2016 presidential election got underway last year, observers knew the Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare, would be a key issue with Republican candidates who have vowed to repeal and replace it. But it was a Democratic candidate, Bernie Sanders, who actually turned up the heat a ... see more

#199 Does it Make Sense to Go to College in Europe?

For some, it's a chance to experience a new way of learning. For others, it's about experiencing new places and a new culture. And for certain students, it's an opportunity to get a degree in less time than it usually takes in the United States.For an array of reasons, more than 40,000 Ame... see more

#187 5 Signs You're Spending Too Much In Retirement

In 7 Signs You're Spending Too Little In Retirement, we explored signs that you're spending too little in retirement. We learned that not spending enough can be a major issue. The bigger problem, of course, is spending too much because, for the most part, when the money is gone, you can't get it ... see more

#149 Resume Rules For Freelancers

In the wake of the Great Recession more software developers, engineers, designers, professional writers, artists, entertainers and media workers – educated, creative people – work for themselves than ever before. The Freelancers Union, an organization of independent U.S. contractors, estimate... see more

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