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Author: Ethan Harris

#398 Is Retirement Good For You Or Bad For You?

A neighbor who lives directly below me in my condominium building wakes up before 6 a.m. each morning, gets dressed, skulks outside and on some days begins looking for parked vehicles of neighbors he doesn't like.Under the protective cloak of a cover of darkness, he removes a key from his ... see more

#364 6 Characteristics Of Successful Apps

Not since the dot com days have there been so many technology startups as in the past few years. The rise of mobile technology and innovations such as cloud computing have spurred this latest round of tech entrepreneurship. Not every new company or product makes it, but many successful startups s... see more

#316 When Is It Cheaper To Fly To Hawaii?

Floating all by itself in the middle of the Pacific Ocean is the island state of Hawaii. It's easy to understand why Hawaii has come to be known as a paradise. The islands' spectacular scenery – from sunny beaches and colorful coral reefs, to lush river valleys and steep volcanoes – would imp... see more

#308 5 Best States for Black Friday Shopping

If you're a die-hard bargain hunter who goes to great lengths to score the best deals and deepest discounts, you might want to plan a post-Thanksgiving road trip. Of course, you know that Black Friday is the biggest shopping day in the U.S., when stores offer major markdowns, mind-blowing doorbus... see more

#263 Understanding Social Security Eligibility

About 96% of U.S. workers will be eligible to receive Social Security benefits when they retire after paying into the system during their working years. Social Security retirement benefit eligibility is complicated; it's highly dependent on the details of your specific situation. But here's a gen... see more

#247 Browser Extensions That Save You Money

The U.S. economy is struggling to achieve pre-recession levels of growth. This places citizens in a difficult position, as while they may have diminished disposable income, their spending is crucial to driving economic growth throughout 2013 and beyond. With this in mind, it is important that ind... see more

#231 Review: Discover it Miles Card

Are you looking for a cash-back credit card with generous rewards and no annual fee? If so, we think you'll like the new Discover it Miles card. Read on to learn more about this card, its benefits and the fine print.The Bank Discover Financial Services (DFS) is a publicly ... see more

#153 5 Boston Startups That Emerged This Century

Boston offers myriad advantages to entrepreneurs and small business owners. More so than almost any other U.S. city, Boston's workforce is talent-rich and highly educated. The city and surrounding area is home to dozens of colleges and graduate schools, including several among the most elite in t... see more

#146 Retiring To Live Abroad? Relocation Services

Many people dream of retiring abroad to enjoy a change of scenery, better weather, new experiences, access to affordable healthcare and a lower cost of living. Few will actually go through with it, though. This can be due to a variety of reasons, such as the desire to stay within an established c... see more

#129 A Million Dollars Isn’t What It Used To Be

We all share a common goal: to grow our nest eggs and make sure they last over the long haul. Our generation was taught to live off the interest and never touch the principal, but interest rates for CDs and Treasuries no longer allow for that. Frankly, they don't even keep up with inflation, so w... see more

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