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Author: Daniel Jackson

#459 Avoid the Obamacare No-Insurance Penalty by Jan. 31

ATTENTION! If you're one of the 11.2 million Americans who have insurance through the Affordable Care Act – or one of the 9.2 % who do not but probably should – there's a deadline looming that you cannot miss. If you miss it, you're likely to have some stiff penalties when you file your taxes... see more

#393 Study Abroad: Budget for Australia

If you're thinking about study abroad in Australia, we have good news and bad. Australia is one of the 10 most sought-after destinations for U.S. students going abroad – for good reason: Seven of its universities rank in the top 100 in the world, and Australia has 5 of the 30 best student citie... see more

#383 How Do Tax Exemptions Work In Your Favor?

There is no downside to a tax exemption: The term has a specific meaning in tax law, which is always favorable. Federal, state or local governments create them to provide a benefit to specific people, businesses or other entities in special situations. Bottom line: Those entitled to them save on ... see more

#382 The Best Places To Retire In France

France is not a top destination for those looking to retire abroad on a shoestring. But as long as your heart isn't set on living in a luxury apartment in a historic city center, you can find affordable living there. France offers beautiful scenery and plenty of activities to keep you entertained... see more

#379 Budgeting Tips: Living in Ecuador on $1,000 a Month

If you're thinking about retiring abroad, or if you're a digital nomad looking to settle down for a stretch, Ecuador may be the just the place. The country has become one of the most popular expatriate destinations in recent years. The cost of living in Ecuador is very low, especially considering... see more

#335 How to Buy a House With a VA Loan

The process of purchasing a home can be an overwhelming task, as lenders have tightened the reigns on borrower requirements due to increased regulation coupled with the need to mitigate risk associated with lending to unqualified applicants. With the majority of home loan options available to pro... see more

#248 Getting Your Credit Score from a Bank

A credit score is a numeric expression that lenders use to assess your credit report and evaluate the risk of offering you a loan or providing credit to you. The FICO score is the most commonly used of the credit scores. It is calculated using different pieces of data from your credit report, inc... see more

#236 MBA vs Master's In Finance

Those looking to get into a career in finance often are encouraged to continue their studies by earning a Master's degree in business administration (MBA). An MBA offers a broad curriculum in finance, markets, accounting, entrepreneurship and management.But a more focused alternative that ... see more

#106 Top 4 Retirement Savings Mistakes to Avoid

Saving for retirement remains a top priority for today's workers. But many fail to set up accounts and when they do, they fail to execute them well. Read on to see if you or one of your financial advisory clients is guilty of one of these costly errors.FearMost of us still remember the Gre... see more

#91 Helping the Elderly with Finances: When to Step In

In every child's life, there comes a point where it is necessary for them to take command of their parents' or guardians' worldly affairs, and knowing when this time has come can be difficult to determine in some cases. But there are a few signs that can clearly indicate that this time is approac... see more

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