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Author: Daniel Davis

#432 Your 401(k) Is More Important Than You Think

If you are contributing to a 401(k) plan, you probably enjoy seeing those savings increase each year. When you change jobs, you may think of that money as a way to pay moving expenses and other costs connected to starting a new position. Or, you may think of the account as a way to save for a hou... see more

#424 Take These Simple Steps To Open An IRA

If you're putting off doing your taxes because you're afraid you might be getting back less than you expect or, worse yet, owe more than you paid, you should know that there's one thing you can do right up to the last minute on April 15 to help substantially reduce last year's taxes: contribute t... see more

#411 4 Companies That Offer ETF-Only 401(k) Plans

ETFs, or exchange-traded funds, have become popular investment vehicles. It's no wonder that they have found their way into 401(k) plans – especially given the cost savings and transparency they provide.Whether an ETF-only 401(k) retirement plan makes sense for you and your employees wil... see more

#377 Do Small Business Owners Need Financial Advisors?

To know the answer to the question in the title, you only need to look at one stat provided by American Express Open Forum: 30% of small business owners haven't calculated how much money they will need in retirement.You might be thinking: If 70% of small business owners have calculated how... see more

#372 Ways to Travel to Tokyo on a Budget

Tokyo has long been one of the most expensive cities in the world. However, over the past few years the United States Dollar has become stronger against the Japanese Yen. As a result, tourism to some of Japan's popular cities has been on the rise. Getting to Tokyo for CheapSince tourism to... see more

#272 5 Ways to Create a Bidding War This Spring

Spring is around the corner, which means buyers will be out in droves looking for homes to purchase before the start of the school year. Home sellers in sought-after neighborhoods shouldn't have a problem selling their home. But if they want to get top dollar they are going to need to create a bi... see more

#170 5 Secrets You Didn't Know About 401(k)s

CNBC declared the 401(k) a failure for most Americans. It cited the fact that nearly 40% of employees have less than $10,000 of retirement savings.If you fall into that statistic, it's time to do something about it if your company offers a 401(k). But first, maybe you need a little more kn... see more

#155 How Pawnshops Make Money

Pawnshops make money by providing personal loans, reselling retail items and offering auxiliary services, such as money transfers or cellphone activation. Earning interest on loans and profits on retail sales are the principal income s for the standard business model for a pawnshop. Pawnshops typ... see more

#81 Expedia Vs. Orbitz: Comparing The Rewards

Travel a lot? If you do, maybe you use one of the online travel sites to book. Like credit cards, travel sites offer rewards points as an incentive to stay loyal. Two of the biggest players in the online travel business are Expedia and Orbitz. Their programs are more different than you might imag... see more

#71 The 4 Best Websites For Small Business Loans (EBAY, PYPL)

Small businesses typically struggle to find financing to expand and launch new products or projects because of their lack of established historical performance or adequate collateral. A promising trend that offers an alternative to traditional bank financing for many small businesses is utilizing... see more

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