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Author: Christopher Williams

#493 Pensions And Other Retirement Plans

Financial experts say you should plan for your retirement but as soon as you start trying to figure it all out, you're bombarded with terms, explanations, calculations and a sense that nobody really knows the answers to the questions you have.Basically, you're right. Retirement planning is... see more

#487 Credit Card Review: The VentureOne® Rewards Card

What's in your wallet?If the VentureOne® Rewards Credit Card from Capital One doesn't stand out by name, you probably saw the Viking commercials that always ended with that phrase. Capital One blitzed media outlets with a massive marketing campaign that saturated viewers' TVs in 2004 and ... see more

#478 How Safe Is Traveling In The Philippines?

The Philippines, an archipelago in the western Pacific Ocean of more than 7,000 islands, is well-known for its natural beauty, from white sand beaches and rich coral reefs, to lush mountains, volcanoes and brightly-colored rice terraces. During 2013, the Philippines hosted nearly 4.7 million tour... see more

#468 Cash Back Credit Cards: A Way to Fight Bad Airline Rewards

What started as a simple idea around 1980 has grown into a full-blown cottage industry. Airline frequent flyer programs have expanded to include hundreds of millions of members in the United States alone, and the constant changes to terms and conditions have generated consumer an... see more

#450 5 Ways to Use Your Home to Retire

With many Americans facing a shortfall in their retirement savings, the home they own can be a substantial way to catch up. Typically the longer you've owned a house, the more equity you have built up. What's more, some homeowners are in the enviable position of not having a mortgage when they en... see more

#437 Credit Cards That Will Get You First Class Flights

Everybody wants to fly at the front of the plane. The bigger, more comfortable seats, a constant supply of snacks and drinks, and boarding and deplaning first are some of the perks that come with first class or business class seating. International and U.S. transcontinental flights often offer bo... see more

#415 Top 3 Tips to Find an Estate Planning Lawyer

More than half of Americans with children do not have a will in place, according to a survey by This includes 41% of Baby Boomers between the ages of 55 and 64. In many cases, those surveyed indicated that they didn't think they needed a will or that the documents were too expen... see more

#281 6 Ways to Save Money on College Supplies

Back-to-school shopping takes on a whole new meaning when a family member heads off to college. Besides basic supplies (paper, pencils, pens, highlighters and more), there are textbooks, electronics and dorm-room essentials to purchase. All of these costs can add up to a hefty chunk of change for... see more

#257 Top 10 Common Mortgage Scams To Avoid

Every industry has its shining stars and bad apples. The mortgage industry is no exception. For most consumers, a mortgage will be the largest single purchase they make in their lifetime. This makes picking the right mortgage lender even more important. How do you know which companies to avoid? L... see more

#254 Using Your IRA to Pay off Credit Card Debt

You feel like you're drowning in credit card debt. And while you can't squeeze anything more out of the paycheck, you do have a tidy sum sitting in your Individual Retirement Account (IRA). Sure, those funds are supposed to stay untouched until you retire. But that's a long way off. Mightn't it b... see more

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