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Author: Christopher Taylor

#440 Best Ways to Save For Retirement Without an IRA or 401(k)

Saving for retirement is often one of the largest financial objectives individuals face. While there are various schools of thought on the total amount necessary to live comfortably during retirement, the majority of advisers, planners and analysts agree that being proactive in setting money asid... see more

#324 How Much Can You Contribute to Your 401(k)?

With pensions becoming more of a rarity in the U.S., 401(k) plans have emerged as the backbone of retirement planning for American workers. (See The Basics of a 401(k) Retirement Plan for an overview.) Yet evidence suggests that most workers aren't taking full advantage of these tax-advantaged ac... see more

#177 Working From Home Scams: How to Avoid Them

It's the kind of homespun wisdom that your grandmother probably first imparted to you at a tender age: if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. It pays to remember such advice when you spot newspaper or online ads or emails that promote highly lucrative work-from-home employment. Tec... see more

#111 Comparing Credit Karma Vs. Experian

If you're checking your credit score or credit report, Credit Karma and Experian are two names you'll likely come across. Perhaps you've wondered, what's the difference between these two credit score providers? Is a "free" service necessarily the best?Here's a quick, neutral overview of ho... see more

#90 Save $30,000 For A Home Down Payment In 5 Months

Before tackling mortgage interest rates, home maintenance costs and utilities, every home buyer must first gather the funds for a mortgage loan down payment. The typical mortgage lifespan lasts 15 to 30 years, but for most house hunters looking to secure a home loan, those terms sound more like t... see more

#67 Understanding Credit Card Balance Transfers

The 0% introductory interest rate on balance transfers is a common perk of credit cards targeted to consumers with good to excellent credit. While this offer looks great on the surface, people who take advantage of it might find themselves on the hook for unexpected interest charges.The pr... see more

#66 Traveling to San Francisco on a Budget

San Francisco is a vibrant, stunning, culturally iconic city. No place like it exists in America or the world. It is also one of the most expensive cities in America. Real estate prices are higher than anywhere on the mainland, not named Manhattan. Gas regularly costs as much as 50% more than the... see more

#62 New Market in Multigenerational Housing

A record 57 million Americans – 18.1% of the U.S. population – lived in multigenerational households in 2012, twice the number of people who lived in such arrangements in 1980, according to a 2014 report from the Pew Research Center. Since 1970 the number of people living in multigenerational... see more

#60 Cuba Tourism: What Will It Cost You? (JBLU)

For more than five decades, a U.S. embargo against Cuba has prevented Americans from traveling to the island nation for any reason outside official government business. President John F. Kennedy established the embargo in 1962 as an attempt to choke the Communist-affiliated country's economy, and... see more

#4 Assets For Your Retirement Portfolio

Investors often spend decades working and saving to build a nest egg for retirement. During that time, their primary investment goal is to see their assets grow. When retirement finally arrives, the primary investment goal often changes from seeking to grow assets to using those assets to generat... see more

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