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Author: Christopher Harris

#452 Do Oil Prices Affect The Auto Industry?

In economic theory the use of complementary goods is associated with the use of another good, while substitute goods are goods viewed by consumers as similar or comparable in some way. Within the auto industry, vehicles and petroleum are considered complimentary goods whereas gas-guzzling trucks ... see more

#420 Mortgage Vs. Student Loan Vs. Saving

There's nothing quite as disheartening as finding yourself under a massive amount of debt. Unfortunately, that's an experience many consumers have, whether it's maxing out credit cards or financing a new home. So if you have a few extra dollars in your bank account, you should use them to pay dow... see more

#339 You Missed The Tax Return Deadline: Now What?

Missing the deadline for filing your return is serious but not the end of the world. If you asked for a filing extension, you're not late. But if you didn't request more time to file, don't ignore your failure; take action now to correct the problem.Minimize interest and penaltiesMissing t... see more

#307 IRA Accounts With No Minimum Deposit For 2015

When it comes to saving for retirement, every little bit helps. Fortunately, if a little is all you can afford this year, you have more investment choices than ever. Here are three ways to start an Individual Retirement Account with no initial outlay, or a very small one.Government-Sponsored ... see more

#126 For Financial Independence, Forget the McMansion

Being financially independent sounds like a dream life – sitting at home, reading on a beach or being a stay-at-home mom are all better alternatives to commuting an hour a day in heavy traffic to listen to Sue talk about her totally awesome weekend. Achieving financial independence means having... see more

#48 7 Things To Know About FHA Home Loans

Not long ago, FHA home loans were something of a niche product that appealed mostly to low-income buyers. But when the housing bubble burst in 2008, the federal program suddenly became a common way to finance property. Even today, FHA mortgages can be appealing to those who don't qualify... see more

#37 5 Luxury Cars with Low Resale Value

Aston Martin. Bentley. BMW. Jaguar. When you think of luxury cars, these names come to mind. Beautiful, fast and fun, they represent the good life – and come with price tags that reflect their status.Or do they?While you will pay a small fortune to take these cars off the s... see more

#36 Alternatives to Long-Term Care Insurance

The cost of long-term care continues to climb much faster than the general rate of inflation. Although the primary defense against this astronomical expense has traditionally been long-term care insurance, the cost of this type of coverage has also increased proportionately, and a growing number ... see more

#18 Americans Are Living Longer, but Social Security Is Not Catching Up

Social Security is in trouble, but it isn't going broke. Based on its structure, it's impossible for it to go bankrupt. Instead, Social Security is an ongoing wealth transfer that has a growing age problem and a demographic problem.To understand the impact of an aging population on Social ... see more

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