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Author: Christopher Davis

#490 Obama Announces Free Application For Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) Help

On Friday, President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama visited Miami-Dade's Coral Reef Senior High School to emphasize the importance of education and to urge students to apply to college federal student financial aid programs. "We want every young person to have the kinds of teachers, a... see more

#404 Why College Graduates Are Settling for Minimum Wage Jobs

Going to college means you're going to land a high-paying job and make lot of money, right? That is not the case in today's world. A fair amount of college graduates are settling for minimum wage or low paying jobs. Obtaining a high-paying job right out of college is becoming a thing of the past.... see more

#347 Tailor Your 529 Plan to Your Child's Expectations

For families who are saving for their kids' college educations, 529 plans have become one of the most popular vehicles in America. These plans offer unique tax advantages and also allow the account owner to retain control of the funds after the beneficiary reaches college age. However, there's no... see more

#345 Credit Cards That Offer The Most Airline Miles

Frequent flyer miles aren't what they used to be but they're still a traveler's best friend for getting perks, discounts and those double-triple-diamond status badges that every traveler covets.But flying isn't the only way to gain points. In fact, earning them by making purchases while on... see more

#323 The Pros And Cons Of Refinancing A Mortgage Loan

Current refinance rates are at all-time lows; as such, refinancing a mortgage is more attractive than ever before. However, Hale Walker of MiMutual, believes that people need to take into account the entire cost of refinancing and not just how much interest rates... see more

#311 Understanding Lender-Required Flood Insurance

"Just a few inches of water from a flood can cause tens of thousands of dollars in damage," according to the National Flood Insurance Program. This fact sums up why mortgage lenders sometimes require borrowers to get flood insurance. When property values decline significantly, homeowners facing p... see more

#117 8 Retirement Trends for the Boomer Generation This Century

The boomer generation is approaching retirement differently than previous generations. Longer life expectancy, greater financial savvy and higher need for independence all contribute to making Retirement 2.0 a whole new ball game for the financial industry as well as the retirees themselves.I... see more

#69 How Does CareCredit Work?

Healthcare is expensive. Next to rent or a mortgage payment, healthcare costs can be one of the biggest monthly budget items for many people. Paying medical bills can be a financial burden and a significant challenge. To help consumers address this challenge, a variety of well-known lenders and h... see more

#1 How Analyzing Economic Trends Will Help You Save Money

In the diverse and challenging world of the foreign exchange, there is an investment method commonly referred to as "forex news trading." Encouraging traders to rely on news releases and economic data trends, it is an exceptionally popular method, as global events are often a catalyst for short-t... see more

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