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Author: Andrew Davis

#455 How To Find A Smart Accountant

Finding an accountant isn't hard. But finding the right one is. How do you, who probably don't have intimate knowledge of the financial services field, go about finding the perfect pro for your business or personal affairs when there are so many to choose from? Especially when – not to add to t... see more

#422 The 10 Best Healthcare Jobs

You'll often find healthcare jobs all over lists of the fastest-growing and highest-paying occupations. However, not all healthcare jobs are created equal. For example, it doesn't really matter how many job openings there are in a particular position if it only pays a paltry $20,000 a year. And i... see more

#390 Earn Credit Card Rewards For Paying Student Loans

The average student loan borrower who graduated in 2014 has $33,000 in student loans to pay back, the Wall Street Journal reports. If you have to repay tens of thousands of dollars in the years to come, wouldn't it be nice to earn credit card rewards along the way? Getting 1% back would help put ... see more

#329 Passing Down Values and Money to the Next Generation

Passing down your wealth to the next generations shouldn't be your only focus. Instilling your values can end up being worth much more.Far too often people concentrate on building up their assets for their children, but their heirs aren't taught that life's savings can easily be squandered... see more

#289 Credit Score vs. Credit Report: Which One Is Better?

Your credit score and credit report are pretty much the same thing, right? Far from it. Although a fair number of consumers conflate the two, each has different information used for different purposes.The Credit ReportActually, we should say credit reports because there are three. The Unit... see more

#279 Top Credit Cards with 2% Cash Back

If you're going to have a credit card, you might as well get paid to use it, right? There are plenty of cards that have cash to give you just for using it. Here are some of our favorites.Chase FreedomHow does 5% cash back sound? You earn the normal 1% cash back on everyday purchases on a q... see more

#278 Peer Pressure Can Spur Retirement Savings

If your friend jumped off a bridge, would you jump off a bridge, too?What American child or adult hasn't heard this question at least a dozen times from a parent or relative? The inquiry is intended to teach the importance of independent thinking and judgment. That's a lesson most o... see more

#58 5 Ways Millennials Are Investing for Retirement

Even though savings rates for millennials aren't as high as their counterparts who've been around longer, Generation Y is doing things by its own rules.For twenty-somethings just starting to save for retirement, robo-advisors — automated online wealth management services — like Betterm... see more

#32 Top Airline Miles Credit Cards

Like to travel? If you do, why not look for a travel card? Instead of cash back or general rewards points, you earn points to use towards air travel, rental cars, hotel stays or other travel-related expenses.There are many cards to choose from, but here are four to put at the top of your l... see more

#25 Equity Vs. Salary: What You Need To Know (FB, GOOG)

If you are joining a startup firm or a relatively young firm, equity compensation could be a carrot that the firm dangles before you. Startups are known for being relatively cash-strapped and considering their need to preserve cash and recycle whatever cash they generate into their business opera... see more

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