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#497 10 Questions You Forget to Ask When Buying a House

Author: Michael Harris

If you are thinking about buying a home, you are not alone. According to the New York Times, more Americans are getting home-buying fever.With all of this good news about the housing industry over the last few years, prices are inching up but mortgage interest rates remain low, making this... see more

#496 7 Steps To Search For Executive Recruiters

Author: Ethan Taylor

Years ago, conventional wisdom held that you should never seek out executive recruiters, aka headhunters. Instead, you should wait for them to contact you. Make the first move and you'd risk coming off as too eager if not totally desperate.There might have been some logic to that advice in... see more

#494 Top Exit Strategy Tips for Small Businesses

Author: Ethan Davis

Whether you're looking to sell your business, transfer ownership of it, or plan for retirement, you're going to need a way to get your money back out — an exit strategy. Unfortunately, most small business owners, caught up in the grind of overseeing day-to-day operations, don't have one, which ... see more

#493 Pensions And Other Retirement Plans

Author: Christopher Williams

Financial experts say you should plan for your retirement but as soon as you start trying to figure it all out, you're bombarded with terms, explanations, calculations and a sense that nobody really knows the answers to the questions you have.Basically, you're right. Retirement planning is... see more

#492 How To Shop For Mortgage Rates

Author: Ethan Smith

Buying a home might be the largest single financial investment you ever make. Due to the hefty price tag, you will likely need a mortgage. The interest rate charged on the loan ultimately determines the cost of the mortgage and the size of your monthly payments. Even a small difference in rates g... see more

#484 When Is It Cheaper To Fly To Europe?

Author: Matthew Williams

Tourists from all over the world visit Europe to enjoy its rich history, delicious cuisine, stunning scenery, historic monuments and some of the world's finest art collections. Data from the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) shows that Europe is the most visited region in the world, having hoste... see more

#483 The High Net Worth Guide to Medicare

Author: Ethan Davis

Roughly seven in 10 seniors are heading into 2016 on a happy note, knowing that their Medicare costs are largely unchanged from last year. But it's a different story for wealthier seniors, who are seeing their share of the program's costs increase – and their bill will only grow in coming years... see more

#481 Healthcare Premiums Keep Rising, But Salaries Aren’t

Author: Ethan Smith

Income growth in the United States has been anemic in the 21st century. Between 2003 and 2015, salaries have risen only 11%. Moreover, that figure, skewed by large income gains from the richest Americans, is misleading in terms of how it represents the income growth seen by the average worker. Ma... see more

#477 How To Deduct Your Job Search Expenses

Author: Ethan Davis

The numbers come with many variables, but the Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that as of February 2013, 12 million people were without jobs. Many of them are actively looking to replace the jobs they lost. Ironically, looking for a job can be expensive.The time and effort required for... see more

#474 10 Worst And Best Vacation Cities In The U.S.

Author: Andrew Harris

The many costs of planning a vacation will put a stress on most people's finances, but where you actually choose to go can be what really makes or breaks your travel budget. From arranging airfare to booking a hotel room to dining out on the town, these expenses can quickly rack up — especially... see more

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